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Meet Utah’s best educated workforce.
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Almost 1 in 5
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Utah Students won't graduate.
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Innovation, Accountability, and Investment...
Create our best educated workforce.
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ACTION ALERT: Contact your legislators today to thank them for supporting Education

S.B. 97 Increased funding for education – Thank the Legislator for supporting

S.B. 196 Math Competency Initiative -Help students gain the math skills they need for success – Thank the Legislator for supporting

1. Learn

Follow the education initiatives through this year’s Legislative session. Learn more about this year’s Legislative priorities. You can also find links to write your Representatives and track bills.

Learn About the 5 Year Plan

2. Act

Tell your legislators that you want to move Utah Education to the top 10.

Write your Legislators

3. Engage

It takes all of us to create the environment where education is a top priority. Let others know about our efforts. Together we can prepare the workforce of tomorrow with the innovation and commitment of today. Share your opinions with lawmakers and the sponsors of legislation. Together, we can put education first for Utah.

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4. Contribute

We need your help. Together we can create opportunity for our children and opportunity for greater prosperity. Consider a donation to help fund this important effort. Any amount helps. You may want to consider a recurring donation.

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Put our economy first by putting Education First.

Join 50,000 citizens from every walk of life with a common goal to secure the economy of our state by preparing the workforce of tomorrow. We’ll work together to improve accountability, innovation and investment for education in Utah.

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